Account & Risk Management

  • Rapid Notify Portfolio Management* is a service that monitors and evaluates changes to accountholder credit profiles based on customer-specific criteria for portfolio management purposes.
  • GLANCESM is an audit tool that shows how reported data is reflected on our credit file. In addition to helping manage the accuracy and quality of data, it can be used to assist with consumer disputes or to audit portions of a database as part of a standard quality control process.
  • ID Search® provides fast, prioritized verification of identifying information in order to create more efficient application processes, better customer service, reduce fraud, and minimize return mail.
  • Portfolio Review* can help you manage your current accounts. TransUnion will provide information on your entire customer base or a subset of customers and enable you to decide upon changes in credit limit or suitability for retention programs.
  • RETROspective Analysis allows you to determine the best cut-off strategy for your business. The analysis uses TransUnion's archived databases for your customer base to test how you can enhance your current decision-making system.
  • TRANSRISK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT®* predicts the likelihood of an account becoming more than 90 days delinquent in a 24-month period.
  • TransUnion Income Estimator (TIE)®* uses TransUnion credit characteristics on a consumer's credit file to create an income estimate from actual credit behavior.
  • TrenData is a comprehensive collection of borrower characteristics aggregated from millions of consumer credit files and available as quarterly historical time series for analyzing and forecasting trends.
  • WATCH* tracks changes to individual consumer files, including address, employment, inquiry activity, and derogatory information.
  • WEB®* tracks how your customers are performing with other lenders, so that you can effectively manage your portfolio's profitability.
  • ACQUIRE REVIEW is a tool that manages portfolio risk by interpreting consumer credit information to detect changes in account status.



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