I.D. Verification and Fraud Detection

  • TOTAL IDSM is a quick and easy identity verification and application analysis service. It provides you with both fraud detection and a reduction in manual review time. With its unique dual approach, you reduce your fraud loss, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of your operations.
  • OFAC Advisor helps credit grantors comply with new federal regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act, as well as minimize risk and avoid significant financial penalties. With OFAC Advisor, every time you pull a credit report or use other selected products, the customer's information is checked automatically against an enriched OFAC Entity File provided by TFP.
  • TRANSALERT® - an add-on to a permissible purpose product, offers a complete application-fraud prevention system that alerts you about a significant number of recent inquiries on a credit file and differences between information on an inquiry and the contents of our credit file databases.
  • HAWK® brings fraud detection to a new level of performance. HAWK identifies high-risk or potentially fraudulent addresses, Social Security numbers, or telephone numbers.
  • FRAUD DETECT and FRAUD ID-TECT Fraud Detect is an information validation system designed to prevent application fraud. Fraud ID-Tect is an enhanced version that lets you customize and deepen your analysis.
  • Year of Issuance (YOI) Used in conjunction with HAWK, YOI allows you to detect Social Security Number misuse and identify conflict in the Year of Issuance.
  • ID Search®provides fast, prioritized verification of identifying information in order to create more efficient application processes, better customer service, reduce fraud, and minimize return mail.
  • ID SearchplusSM* helps verify application information by matching a consumer's name, address and/or Social Security number against TransUnion's credit reporting database. IDSearchplus delivers current/previous addresses, SSN, phone number, DOB, aliases, consumer statements, and number of inquiries on file.
  • Reverse Phone Append helps verify an applicant's information and identity by providing access to a multisource database of residential and business telephone listings.
  • Fraud Detect Model® Maximize your fraud identification rates while minimizing the time you spend verifying applications with a low likelihood of fraud. Fraud Detect Model enhances the effectiveness of Fraud Detect or Fraud ID-Tect to further streamline your application decisioning process.
  • FRAUD MANAGEMENT PLATFORM is the most effective, complete and seamless fraud prevention solution available through the ease and convenient access to the most comprehensive fraud information databases ever assembled.



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