Credit Reports & Score Models

  • TransUnion Credit Report* The TransUnion Credit Report provides trustworthy data with national coverage that helps our customers make sound financial decisions when extending credit or services. The Credit Report helps assess the customer's risk of extending credit or providing a service, allowing them to acquire and maintain good customers, and minimize risky ones.
  • ACQUIRE SELECT for credit evaluation is an automated online decision engine tool used at the point of sale to help determine immediately if a new or existing customer qualifies for pre-selected credit products.
  • ACQUIRE EXPRESS is a tool that qualifies consumer requests for credit by immediately and precisely securing qualifications for lending and providing information as to how much credit can be safely extended.
  • ACQUIRE CONNECT is a tool targeted to utilities, which provides consumer credit information to assist in establishing deposit or usage levels.
  • TRANSRISK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT®* predicts the likelihood of an account becoming more than 90 days delinquent in a 24-month period.
  • EMPIRICASM* is a credit risk model that predicts the likelihood of a consumer becoming delinquent 24 months in the future.
  • HORIZON®* is a loss-ratio based bankruptcy model that predicts the likelihood of a consumer becoming bankrupt within the next 18 months.



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Credit Reports & Score Models

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