Account Acquisition

  • TransUnion Credit Database is a powerful resource for marketers who acquire new customers by extending firm offers of credit. It features more than 200 million adult consumers and offers hundreds of variables.
  • ACQUIRE®* for prescreening is an automated decision engine that evaluates credit criteria in real time and helps you determine an individual's eligibility for financial programs.
  • New Movers provides information on consumers who have changed address or purchased a home within the last week or the last month and may be in the market for new products and services.
  • Rapid Notify Account Acquisition* gives you the power to reach customers before your competitors. It's a fully customizable and automated process that monitors consumer credit behavior and immediately identifies any consumers that meet the triggering parameters of your choice. Triggered records are then automatically prescreened against your risk criteria. So you receive new prospects on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.
  • TrenData is a comprehensive collection of borrower characteristics aggregated from millions of consumer credit files and available as quarterly historical time series for analyzing and forecasting trends.
  • CONTACTExpress allows you to harness the power of the Internet for fast turnaround data, including national change of address, address standardization, phone append, reverse phone append, electronic directory assistance, geocoding, deceased searches, nearby neighbor searches, and surname searches.
  • New Issues* provides information on consumers who recently have opened a new line of credit, generally because they have experienced a lifestyle change and may be excellent candidates for additional products and services.
  • Reverse Phone Append helps verify an applicant's information and identity by providing access to a multi-source database of residential and business telephone listings.
  • TransUnion Income Estimator (TIE)®* uses TransUnion credit characteristics on a consumer's credit file to create an income estimate from actual credit behavior.



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