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CIBMS provides quality background screening services through multiple ordering and delivery methodologies, including our industry-leading state-of-the-art Web-based technology.

Whether your objective is to background screen a prospective employee or tenant, CIBMS can help. CIBMS can provide your business what it needs to make timely and accurate decisions about prospective renters and employees. Making the right choices means reducing turn-over costs, avoiding costly litigation, enhanced productivity, safer working and living conditions and ultimately maximized profits.

We provide you with objective, detailed, cost-effective data which you can use easily implement to keep problems from the past out of your future.

Our Account Executives would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to package a solution tailored to your company's needs to improve your hiring and tenant approval process.

Products & Services

  • Social Security Verification
    Confirming an applicant's true identity and legal employment status is of vital importance in today's employment market. A social security verification is essential to making an informed hiring decision and is recommended for every background investigation
  • Credit Report
    A credit report reveals the financial stability of an applicant and can be an indicator of the applicant's overall responsiveness. Furthermore, applicants who attempt to hide negative work experiences often omit past employers from their A credit report may also disclose unreported employers. A credit report is recommended for all positions with duties including accounting or financial services, access to sensitive information, or handling of valuable merchandise.
  • Criminal Records
    Criminal Records are the building block of a thorough background investigation as they are the most accurate and up-to-date records on file. A Criminal Record search reveals whether an applicant has Criminal Records. Criminal records include misdemeanors and felony convictions, as well as pending charges. Pending charges are important factors in the employment screening process, as the manner in which these charges are resolved will directly affect a business.
  • Motor Vehicle Records
    A motor vehicle record will provide you direct access to motor vehicle records across the nation. Reported information includes infractions, disciplinary actions, issue date, expiration date and restrictions.
  • Employment Verifications
    CIBMS will verify previous employment to include dates of employment, position held, and may include wages earned, attendance records, and reason for leaving/termination. The verification of employment is an invaluable source in determining the work ethics of an individual.
  • Education Verifications
    In many cases, applicants falsify degrees in order to appear more qualified for a position. CIBMS will verify the accuracy of an applicant's reported education, dates of attendance, and degree status
  • Professional License Verification
    CIBMS will verify the professional license of an individual. The license verification will be conducted with the appropriate regulatory body. Validity and accuracy of the claimed license is reported, as well as any pending disciplinary actions.
  • Eviction Record
    When renting a property unit to an individual, it is very important that you are aware of any prior evictions. You will have direct online access to any notification of evictions, along with the date of the eviction.
  • Landlord Verification
    CIBMS will conduct an interview of a tenant's previous or current landlord. The interview of a tenant's references is an invaluable source of information concerning the applicant's behavioral traits and past performance history.
  • Sex Offender List
    The sex offender list reveals applicants convicted of sexual offenses. A sexual offender search is an integral part of the employment screening process and is essential for businesses whose employees deal with children, the elderly, or disabled individuals, or employees whose duties require them to enter a private residence.



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